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Community Hub Activities

Talk Community Hubs are located across Herefordshire and provide a safe place where people can access up to date wellbeing information and signposting to local and national resources. They also connect people to services, groups and activities, either within the local area or across the county, which can help them support their own wellbeing and independence.

The hubs help bring people together and build friendships, whilst further strengthening our local communities, which are the beating heart of Herefordshire.

Each Talk Community Hub is unique, as it's a reflection of its local community. A hub might be developed within an existing setting, which already operates in the community, such as a community centre, church or café or it can be something completely new. In Whitchurch and Ganarew parishes the Community Hub grew out of the local Good Neighbour scheme and activities are centered on St Dubricius' Church, the primary school and Whitchurch Memorial Hall.

The Whitchurch hub is run by volunteers from the local community, and jointly supported by the parish council and the PCC, in partnership with Herefordshire Council.

It is hoped that very shortly this page wil be updated with information related to activities in Marstow parish!


Whitchurch Memorial Hall

Short Mat Bowls Monday and Thursday afternoon each week Trevor Nicholson, 01600 891306
Table Tennis Wednesday evening each week Helen Levy, 01600 716321
Art Group Tuesday morning each week, term time only Ann Hulme, 01594 564387
Yoga Tuesday evening each week, term time only Shelley Tokar, 01600 890451
Snooker Tuesday evening each week
Thursday afternoon each week
Rodney, 07881 625985
Bob Povey, 07747 514878
Paws and Claws Dog Training Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons each week Eileen, 01989 762998
Silver Swans Ballet Seniors and children classes Wednesday morning and Monday evenings term time Nina Salmon, 07974 117701


Good Neighbour Scheme

Community Lunch St Dubricius church second and fourth Mondays each month Sue Morris, 01600 890981
Sticky Little Fingers Mothers and pre-school children term time at Whitchurch Primary School Tuesday mornings Sue Morris, 01600 890981
Coffee morning and social chat St Dubricius church first and third Wednesday mornings each week Sue Morris, 01600 890981
Knit and Natter social chat St Dubricius church Thursday afternoons each week with tea and cakes! Sue Morris, 01600 890981

Future Planned Activities

Boat trip on the River Wye September 2022  
Art Festival of local artists 19 to 21 August 2022 at St Dubricius church  
British Heart Foundation Sponsored Walk 25 September 2022 walking from Ganarew to St Dubricius church with refreshments  
Christmas Tea party December 2022 anticipated to resume once more  

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